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Automate giveaways
and surveys in Slack.

Givhr is a Slack app for business that increases productivity by automating recurring internal communications such as NPS surveys, MVP nomination, stand up, etc.

Unlike other tools Givhr allows you to fill out surveys and enter giveaways without leaving Slack. This both saves your employees time as well as increases participation from your team.

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Use Cases

Human Resources


Use confidential surveys to collect open and honest information from your team.

Learn what problems your team faces, if they would recommend friends and family to work at your company, or if they think someone on their team deserves a raise.

People & Culture

Have Fun

Use Givhr to to learn what your employees like to do. Increase the turn out for company events or host holiday parties that are talked about for years to come.

Building a companies culture isn’t alway fun but we are yet to meet anyone who was not happy when they won a giveaway.



Use Givhr to send out reaccuring surveys to stay up to date on what your team is currently working on and what they have accomplished.

Get your team more excited about required training by posting random giveaways that reward those who complete them.

How It Works

Add Givhr to any channel

Use /givhr to start using Givhr in any Slack channel. From Slack you will be able to choose whether you would like to enter, create, end, or view a giveaway.

Enter giveaways

All participants have to do is click enter, or type /givhr then select enter giveaway. Participants will be able to fill out the survey and enter the giveaway without leaving Slack.

Automate your work

We have made the process as streamline as possible. You customize and build the giveaway and Givhr will do the rest!

Givhr will post the giveaway in the selected channels, collect survey responses, post reminders to enter the giveaway, pick and inform the winners, and finally notify you when everything is complete.

Get insight

Survey results are broken down to be quickly analyzed in your web dashboard. From the dashboard you’ll be able to see how many users have filled out your surveys and learn from participants responses.

Use the /givhr command to view stats of active giveaways in Slack. This includes how many people have entered your giveaways as well as how much time is left until they end.



  • Add multiple Slack channels
  • Anonymous surveys
  • Randomly chosen winners
  • Automatic messaging sent to winners
  • Scheduled posting
  • Set reoccuring giveaways
  • Preview giveaway before posting


  • All giveaway features
  • Multiple choice questions
  • 1-5 & 1-10 rating scales
  • Agree/Disagree
  • Short & long answers
  • Survey responses and totals


  • Enter giveaways without leaving Slack
  • Scheduled reminders to increase participation
  • Scheduled reoccuring surveys and geveaways
  • Preview stats on current giveaways
  • Fill out surveys without leaving Slack


  • View survey results
  • See the numbe of current participants
  • Export survey results
  • Add additional winners
  • Message new and past winners
  • History of all past giveaways
  • Preview your giveaway
  • Edit your giveaway
  • View your giveaway timeline


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